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Nieces and Nephews

One of my greatest joys in the joining of our two families is becoming an aunt.  I love my nieces and nephews so much and we love spending time visiting them in Boise-area, Idaho.

Canola Fields at the Dahmen Barn

That weekend in June was also an amazing day to shoot the Canola fields at the Dahmen Barn in Uniontown, Washington.  They were beautiful, bright yellow, and the skies were amazing. I took these photos with my Samsung Galaxy S4.      

Palouse Falls

  Francisco and I went with our friend CY to Palouse Falls State park at the end of June this year to take some photos.  I was thrilled to visit our State’s newly named water-fall for the first time.  I took these photos, I believe, with my Samsung Galaxy S4.

Our Home and Gardens

We work diligently on our home every evening, and sometimes in the mornings too!  Watering and pruning the flowers (me), water, mowing, trimming, and fertilizing the lawn (him) is a chore. But we’re so proud of the end results. In addition to hard work, I also believe, and have found through experience, where you buy your flowers, seeds, fertilizers, and more, and what you buy, matters.  The only place I...

My husband and I

My husband is truly a wonderful person, man, husband, friend, partner in crime, and much more than I can actually express.  Here are some photos from some great experiences we have shared in our courtship and marriage.

Noelani and Tim

Francisco and I have started building his business.  In addition to Landscape photography, we’ve had the honor of doing some engagement and family photos.  Some of these photos were taken with my phone during a shoot with my best friend, Noelani, and her fiance, Tim. We were at Hat Island (Gedney Island), off the port of Everett, north of Seattle, staying at my mom and step dads beach home.  ...